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Sunday, April 19, 2009


push play

and then continue.

wait for it.

So much fun. Soooooooo much. Hopefully pictures are coming up soon, but it depends on the participants to send in their photos, and we all know what a bunch of losers rode this year. Apologies to all the cool people, but even you (and by you I mean me; because I was the only cool person around) know it is true. BOOOOOOOO!

Anyways.Thanks, y'all. Sleaze Otter 3 was a Good Time. After all, what is funner than hanging out with a group of likeminded people who are all having a Good Time? YAAAAAAAY!

We will continue to update sometimes. You know, when so moved. Quit yo jibbba jabbba, and put us on your RSS Feed, sucka! If you were to take nothing else away from this whole fiasco it should be this: only you can make a scene happen in your town. Get on that shit, Holmes.

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