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Friday, April 13, 2012

it's not made of glitter

Clip and print! Your mom would love one.

1) There will be prizes.
2) 1st place is not always the win.

After weeks of work, our flyer is done! Several people worked their fingers to the bone over that, and further we are really, really very pleased to present this:

It accurately represents everything we are. Don't kid yourself. Fuck your training, fuck your time cuts, fuck your max watts, fuck your little shoe covers (even though I kinda like those), fuck your throwaway race bike so light and plasticky it only lasts a season safely, fuck your important meetings, fuck your weight weenie in the middle of a ride discussion, fuck your cool sunglasses, fuck your hopes, your dreams, and your life.


Riding bikes is fun! Remember that? We don't care what you ride, we care that you ride. Get off that ass and bring a lunch. We love you. Any bike! Any rider! No enemy!

Locals, this is the Fist Frank Pinto Celebration Ride. Joselyn's Bikes is closed, not forgotten. Fist Frank, show up or your house will be one of the stops...

Dreary? GO!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Afros...and afrettes...

The hunger in our eyes has been seen and recognized by the bumbling fellow cyclists at Surly HQ. You can anticipate, and I quote, "a box of fish". Mmmmmmmm, that sounds delish. Pack your Party, and your Good Times too, and meet us at the appointed time (to be revealed) on the appointed date (April 21st, bitches)!

If you don't know, you better axe somebody.