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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

you ain't special

...so shut the fuck up and finish your drink.

The bike industry is full of pussies.

The Sleaze Otter has asked for your participation 6 times. 6 times you were invited to ride your bike, have a few drinks (if you were so inclined, or not- your choice), perform some rudimentary tasks, and score some cheap geegaws. 6 times you could not be bothered to get off your fat lazy ass and leave the safety of your cheap hotel room or shitty charcoal smoke-out for some actual riding. Fuck you. Why are you people even in this business?  I am specifically calling out you personally.

The end. We quit.

On the other hand, several fine companies and individuals have sponsored us in the past, and they are quality people. Surly, PDW, VanDerKitten, All Hail the Black Market, Rothera cycling caps, Yanco pads, and me. Thanks to you all for the Good Times. Sorry it had to be like this.