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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I've got..you've got...WE'VE got to be unstoppable.

All's it takes is one lone weirdo to get a party started.

Joining the dance is Stevil Kinevil of allhailtheblackmarket.com, with his generous contribution of cat hair covered pants and various sundry goods. Think of him as the guy in the red underwear/umbrella hat at 2:15...

Thanks, Stevil, you're one of us.

The rest of y'all...get your dancing shoes ready. This year's course promises to be down and dirty. For the 1st time in our storied history we begin and "end" at Laguna Seca. There will be no hiding and no copping out
. As always- Any bike, any rider! Everybody who rides is welcomed. It's more fun thataway.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

...he had beautiful hair

It's the same MO...

I don't think you've got to worry so much about getting poked with a staff and told to "Git". I don't think you do.

But there may be some rough talking. And some dark trails. Better bring a light. Or follow someone who's got one.