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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

when they reminisce over you

For real.


There were some high points. There were some low points. Seems like the lowest points came immediately after bombing down super rutty descents from the high points. These were the lowest points, the crashes.

Swing down sweet chariot, stop, and...let me ride. Having your friends laugh at you and carry on without you while you slowly push your creaking bike back up the hill listening to them hoot and holler will really pick you up. That or throw popcorn all over you.

The ER doctor says, and I quote, "No dirt could have done that."
Nothing like getting heckled/accused of being a liar by the pompous ass in the white coat. Like you don't get enough of that from your "friends."

No one knows what happened to everyone, but everyone knows what happened to someone. Comment on your race experience, or send photos (inspektorjavertATgmailDOTcom).

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  1. Chuck Norris rode?!
    FUCK yeah. Was he hella hard core?