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Friday, April 1, 2011

up and down and all around

You think a ape-like creature only hangs out in the woods? LOL. Sasquatch likes to git on the goodfoot, same as you. So pay attention, you just might learn somethin.

Learn this, too: like the joker to the North of us, the clowns to our right have committed themselves to helping us help you to git on your goodfoot. We welcome and thank SURLY for their help in our continuing dissipation.


  1. Want some fancy new Timbuk2 bags for prizes? Loved your ride last year & DEFINITELY riding it again.

    - j

  2. Is this some kind of a sick joke? Fill them with beers and twist our arm.

    Heck yeah! Show up with them all stowed in one and we'll be happy to hand them out. Or you can be some kind of secret wood elf and surprise folks with them as you see fit. We're not only sleazy, we're EASY.

  3. Rad. Come find me @ Sea Otter before Saturday night. I'll be in the Timbuk2 booth - the name's jordan (hint: I'll be one of the guys with really sleazy facial hair)

    Happy to fork over some bags for prizes as long as I don't have to ride with 'em on my back for the whole race. =)

    - j