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Monday, March 26, 2012

lots of men carry bags?

Call it what you want, call it what you will. We support any version of life's style you wanna rock out with. But you'll need a poiss of some kind to fulfill the requirements Sleaze Otter requires. Don't sleep. Bag, helmet, lights.

Things are in the works; Machiavellian, ponderous, grinding, inexorable movements. If you don't know, now you know.

While we can't endorse anything except a Good Time, you might consider your eternal salvation viz. The Church of the Subgenius (if you got the time), some tenets of which we hold dear. Specifically:
1) get off your ass
2)bust your ass
3)watch your ass, and

With regards to #1...we are tired of all the pussy "reasons" why you can't be bothered to get off your ass and have a Good Time on your bicycle (remember that?). Most of these "reasons" involve your dead-hearted J-O-B, enabling you to skip a Real Good Time in favor of some old bullshit like staying at your boring smoky campsite or your shitty hotel room, or attending another lame industry party at which you can't really cut loose on account of the stuffy free drinks might be cut off. Fuck that.

So everything else follows. Come have some fun, with your clean ass and your bicycle.

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