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Saturday, February 18, 2012


6...6...6 years in a row.

And for 5 years in a row the "Bike Industry" has been a lot of jock sniffing p...p...pussies.

I said it.

I hate to say it: I don't think I'm the right coach for you. You all come out here and stand around. What is that? Can you overcome your fear? Can you leave your comfy campsite, with it's cans of beans'n'franks? Can you abandon your ratty motel room, with it's engrossing and rare television programming? Could you skip your gladhanding industry event, with it's same old same old?

Why are you even working in this thankless field? Oh yeah. Because you love bicycles. So get off your ass and, uh, put your ass on your bicycle saddle.

The official theme for this 6th year shall be:

Hey Bike Industry...STOP BEING PUSSIES.

As always, the route is what it is and is open to every bike and every rider. Run what you brung and you'll be all right.

Get with it. Oh, and we are currently accepting sponsorship requests.

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